With the vision to combine classical music with electro-house beats, Marc Zehnder started his One Man Orchestra project. This venture, Marc wants to conquer the night life in a different new way. His show is addressed to national and international clubs and venues.
As an entertainer, not only the music is important, but also an extraordinary appearance.
The use of a gramophone creates a nostalgic sound which reverberates in his skilled 
Still more additional highlights adorn his show.
The highlights available for booking are varied. Depending on the booking there is the possibility to have for example screens with shows, dancers, additional DJ's and much more. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a young, innovative, motivated and an ambitious team who offer entertainment of new kind.
All of our performances are a unique experience. Furthermore we arrange and conduct our events according to an effectively planned schedule.

We guarantee a unique live experience!

With our show, we want to reach out to people with good taste in music. Our performance is also suitable for people who want to enjoy music alongside extra attractions.
Marc Zehnder also performs in a familiar environment such as clubs or Open Air concerts.
Our concept is very flexible and adaptable, which allows us to achieve all whishes of our customers.
Our music and the showcase can be held almost everywhere; whether in a club, an open air concert, an exhibition or other venues.


Marc Zehnder / Health Invest AG Schweiz / UBC Germany
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